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Website Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Strategy

Wherever they learn about you – search engine, social media or by word of mouth – your website is the first place they go to learn more. Internet marketing strategy has become the key to successful sales strategy for virtually every small business. And your website is the hub of both traditional and internet marketing.

The website development process can be complex. And it can feel daunting for small business executives, especially those who haven’t looked into website development for the past five years or longer.

Turn to Rob Bartlett, Jr. for guidance with end-to-end website development and internet marketing services: planning, design, copywriting, search optimization, internet marketing, web hosting and maintenance.

Website Redesign or Refresh

Mobile-responsive web tools became prevalent and easily accessible to small business in about 2012. In turn, this empowered the WordPress Theme developers to segue from making simplistic, ready-made website templates into creating high-functioning, flexible Themes that provide powerful building blocks for small business website development.

Perfect Opportunity for a Website Redesign or Refresh

Now is the perfect time to redesign – or refresh – websites developed in the past three to five years. Theme option controls in up-to-date WordPress Themes have exploded in functionality, empowering small business websites to compete with big-company competitors.

Three key reasons to refresh your website today:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Faster page loading speed
  • Security
Website Internet Marketing Services
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WordPress Platform for Small Business Websites

The WordPress platform is ideal for small to mid-size business websites. More than 55,000 application plugins are available to expand the functionality of your site. Ecommerce, jobs listings with Indeed integration,  complex event calendars with registration, interactive mapping, search engine optimization – almost any functionality your organization needs can be accomplished by a WordPress plugin.

The vast majority of your content can be migrated from an old WordPress theme into a new, advanced theme easily. Virtually no cut-and-paste is required.

So What the Heck is a WordPress Theme?

Quite like the relationship between the body and interior of your car – compared to the engine and drive train – the WordPress Theme and Plugins are the “skin” that take the content and data stored by WordPress and display it in a web browser (Chrome or Firefox, etc).

The two main power horses “under the hood” are the PHP authoring language, on which WordPress is built, and the MySql Databases, where your content is actually stored.

Or as Lao Tsu said, “walls make the house, yet doors and windows make it useful.”

WordPress software built on top of PHP and MySql are the walls while your WordPress Theme and Plugins are the doors and windows that make it useful – and beautiful – in the eye of the beholder.

Web Visibility (SEO)

Web Visibility - Search Engine Optimization

Be Visible On Google And Across The Mobile Web

Where do you show up on Google Maps? What do you look like on Bing, Yahoo, YP and Yelp?

Your business can show up on internet searches when people are looking for your products or services. The web visibility (search engine optimization) process is both complex and manageable.

Bartlett:creative distills all the complexity of web visibility into four essential components:

  • Website On-Page Optimization
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local Business Citation Management
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Local Business Citation Management

Local-Mobile Optimization

Not to be confused with library citation management programs that help manage literary citations in research, local business citations are web-based references to a local business name, address, phone number and other factual data that affect search engine visibility and rankings for your business.

Essential local business citations that drive visibility and rankings include Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, Maps, Yellow pages, Yelp and social media platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook.

On top of these, certain business categories such as law, financial planning and oil and gas have their own industry-specific directory websites.

Examples: and in the legal profession and in oil and gas.

Bartlett:creative employs local business citation technology to help small business achieve local-mobile optimization for high web visibility and sales lead generation.

Local Business Citation Management

Website Hosting, Maintenance and Security

Website Hosting Maintenance Security

WordPress is an ideal web development platform for most small business websites.

As an open-source platform, WordPress websites must be hosted and managed with redundant levels of security.

Bartlett:creative hosting platform is located in the USA on a Linux virtual private server (VPS) featuring

  • daily cPanel backup,
  • monthly backup download,
  • continual WordPress security updates, and
  • theme-plugin update management.