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Creative Services and Strategic Marketing

Full-Service Strategic Marketing

Every Tactic Needs A Strategy

Everything starts with your business needs. Armed with a clear definition of your business (or organizational) goals and who is your target market, we collaborate to tailor a planning process to accelerate your marketing and sales.

Digital marketing technology has blown up this process over the past 20 years. It is a necessity to encompass traditional and digital marketing services for most organizations to be effective.

By axiom, full-service strategic marketing includes research, strategic planning, technology selection, measurement and analytics.

Full-service strategic marketing implementation draws from a palette including branding and creative services, public relations, traditional and social media, print and digital marketing, sales promotion, events, and from time to time, direct mail or call marketing.

Your organization may be in need of an outsourced marketing manager. Contact Rob Bartlett, Jr. for insight and guidance.

Strategic Branding Services

A great deal has been written about “branding.” A bit too much, perhaps. Search Google Images for “branding process” and find a cacophony of complex, competing diagrams to describe it.

David Ogilvy distilled the concept of “positioning” to this simple definition: what a product does and who it is for. Ogilvy famously positioned Dove soap as a toilet bar for women with dry skin rather than as a detergent bar for men with dirty hands.

Likewise, Ogilvy distilled “brand image” to this one-word description: What is the personality of your product or your company? “It is an amalgam of many things,” Ogilvy said.

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Bartlett:creative has the experience and know-how to provide an outside perspective, do the research and provide the insight to guide your strategic branding strategy.

We will help you decide and refine the four branding essentials:

Name. Logo. Message. Symbol(s).

Strategic Branding Services
Practically speaking, your branding strategy must do three things: convey what you do in a compelling way that engages your communit(ies) — and differentiates you from competitors.

Target Market Segmentation

Target Market Segmentation

Market segmentation breaks an entire census into parts in order to focus marketing communications on one or a few key segments. Historically, Wendy’s Restaurants targeted men 18-49, while a Soup and Salad Bar targets women 35-64.

Digital marketing technology has exploded the functionality – and the opportunity — of target market segmentation for small business. A medical clinic, for example, can target Facebook ads only to people who show interest in chronic disease or to people interested in diet and exercise.

Bartlett:creative has the experience in target market segmentation for professional services, technology, oil and gas, health care, real estate development, B2C and select other industries.

Marketing Technology Selection

Marketing technology selection for a small business marketing program is made challenging by the sheer number and complexity of technology apps available.

In 2011 there were some 150 known apps. By 2017, more than 5,000 are now documented by the Chief Martec Blog for marketing technology executives illustrated by this graphic.

Bartlett:creative has first-hand experience with more than 100 different marketing technology applications and can guide you through marketing technology selection for your venture, drawing from the more than 5,000 alternatives out there.

Marketing technology platforms that virtually every small business must master:

GoogleBing | Yahoo | Yelp | YP | MantaLinkedin | Facebook | TwitterWordPressMy Emma or MailChimpBusiness Wire | PR Web | PR.comCRM Software | YouTubeDropbox |

Marketing Technology

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